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▷ Alan Weisgerber is the Best Chef of 2024 – News – 2023

▷ Alan Weisgerber is the Best Chef of 2024 – News – 2023

Alan Weisgerber is not a man who seeks the limelight. We decided to bring him on stage anyway. For many years of performance and culinary skills. Because Alan Weissgerber, publicist or not, is one of them A fixture in the country’s culinary paradise. A rock in the gastronomic world – which is exactly why we honor him.

Alain Weissgerber is French. Originally from Alsace, he studied at a hotel management school and cooked there at an early age with Dominique Le Stanc, at Bristol in Niederbronn and at Sonic in Heidelberg. Among other things. Then he moved to Austria and docked at Steirereck. A training place known in Austria for its excellent cuisine as well as being the basis for well-established careers. Weissgerber leaves Steirereck, takes command of Blaue Gans, and eventually finishes it off Taubenkoppel (Schutzen am Geberg). In order to arrive. Granted, this acting is choppy and represents a few phases, but it doesn’t come close to Weissgerber’s personal development.

His path is marked by successes and setbacks. But in the end this is exactly what makes great characters. In the kitchen, Weissgerber is a talented craftsman who can’t really hide his inner Alsatian. Why? on the contrary. From time to time he writes confidently Old French classics On the menu, which is better served anywhere in the country than Taubenkobel. Otherwise his cuisine is more regional and, above all, seasonal.

Weissgerber portrays character in his dishes with such precision that only Japanese kaiseki cuisine knows. The paintings are straight forward, focused on the essentials and very precise. This has been the case for years.

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Main Street 27/33
7081 Schützen am Berg

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