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▷ Moments of enjoyment with the Via Culinaria guide – News – 2023

▷ Moments of enjoyment with the Via Culinaria guide – News – 2023

In the Via Culinaria The Salzburgerland is a real success story: long before Alpine cuisine became a trend, it was there The best gourmet titles The city and state of Salzburg collected in one volume. They are now around 350 selected companiesall working according to the principles of Alpine cuisine – sustainability, regionalism, seasonality and quality: from committed dairy farmers who are also award-winning cheesemakers, to award-winning distillers and top chefs who go above and beyond the boundaries.

“Incredibly good and harmonious Interaction between agriculture and gastronomy“, by producers and chefs, is not a vision in SalzburgerLand, but a living reality and this is also reflected in Via Culinaria,” emphasizes Leo Bauernberger, Managing Director of SalzburgerLand Tourismus GmbH. “Via Culinaria is an exemplary project like no other. It is for connoisseurs and connoisseurs what WA Mozart and Salzburg’s two leading cultural festivals are for culture lovers: a real enrichment and a constant invitation to enjoy life with all your senses.

Via Culinaria and its supporters

Via Culinaria has been pleased to receive outstanding support from the beginning. The shepherd from the beginning was the Chef of the Century Eckart Fitzigmann. Bad Gasteiner is closely linked to its homeland, as well as to Via Culinaria: “In its quintessential statement, Via Culinaria referred to the culinary treasures of the Salzburg Land and Alpine cuisine long before it became a trend: it stands for regionalism, seasonality, sustainability, authentic recipes and the highest quality, and therefore for everything good in our country. It invites you to explore and discover the addresses Carefully selected gourmet treats in Salzburgerland.

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He is also a Swiss researcher and author in the field of nutrition Dominic Flamer (“Culinary Heritage in the Alps”) Enthusiastic about Salzburg’s culinary diversity: An Alpine trek includes grazing cows, the sound of their bells, the smell of fresh hay and spicy flowers as well as the fragrant warmth of the wooden planks of alpine huts tanned by the sun and wind. And what better way to round off these sensory experiences than with a glass of fresh Alpine milk, a piece of Alpine cheese or even a shot of gentian. This is exactly what innkeepers and growers, hosts and cheesemakers, distillers and brewers and all pioneers of Alpine cuisine are there for, with their passion for Via Culinaria and, above all, for their guests. Because whether in the mountain pastures, in the country inn, or in the restaurant by the lake: as diverse as Salzburgerland is, so is the range of its tastes.”

350 titles for fun moments

the Alpine cuisine It represents traditional ingredients and recipes being rediscovered and reinterpreted, as well as brave and innovative preparation methods, but also the close and good collaboration between agriculture, tourism, producers, gourmet artisans, restaurateurs and chefs in-house. The gourmet addresses of Via Culinaria meet the requirements of Alpine cuisine. This has never been forgotten in Salzburgland, on the contrary: it has been cherished and cared for. Cheese, butter, and yogurt have been produced on mountain pastures using the same methods for centuries. Home-picked cranberries are stirred into buttermilk, and these delicious farmer’s scones are made with just a few very simple ingredients. It is also Salzburg Land Organic World Champion: Nowhere are there more organic farmers than here.

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This is what the Via Culinaria guide includes

  • the 10 ways to have fun For gourmets, fish lovers, meat lovers, herbal lovers, organic connoisseurs, cheese freaks, beer and schnapps connoisseurs, sweet tooths, shack chairs and bar patrons. This gives you a quick overview of where you can find restaurants, hostels, direct marketers and specific producers around your favorite topic.
  • around 350 titles Categorized by regions of Salzburgland – so you always know where the food tastes particularly good in your holiday destination!
  • Specified Village and farm shops, cooking schools and marketse in SalzburgerLand is clearly displayed on double pages for the first time