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1. Category B: Holiday mood at Maria Gail: 7-1 win over Bad Kleinkirchheim

1. Category B: Holiday mood at Maria Gail: 7-1 win over Bad Kleinkirchheim

Easter Holiday For all, football fans also have the first home game of the season by Maria Gil. After last weekend’s historic victory after a 16-year drought against Stockenboy, they wanted to at least build on that performance at home in front of their fans.

Maria Gil laugh with 38 points of the greats Third place in the table.

The guests are out Bad Kleinkirchheim Just so far 10 points combined means 11th place, But this does not mean that you should underestimate it. Kirchheim always show commitment and a great will to win and this makes them unpredictable.

178 spectators Struggled a bit with the bitter cold, rainy April weather. But the conduct of the match and above all the final result must guarantee a hot atmosphere, good mood and sun in the heart, even if it is not shining from the sky.

The match started well, maybe everyone was a bit cold and they extended the warm-up to the match. Kirchheim started strong and battling, as expected. But they didn’t do it with us Jean Lugar Mahsub, who didn’t take long to show his goal-scoring qualities. in 10 minutes It rang for the first time and stopped 1:0

A little later there was a corner Clemen Flick, Our defense tape showed that he doesn’t just use his head to wash his hair and decapitate him unsustainably 2:0, the clock showed the 14th minute.

Maxi Ulbing He took the momentum with him, and thought of what other people could do, I could do too and increased it 15 minutes to 3:0.

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Kirchheim recovered from the shock, switched into an attacking position himself, and used a misunderstanding on the home defense and cut short the lead Minute 20 against 3: 1, the scorer was Fabian Fichter.

Now the powder has been fired a little bit on both sides. Maria Gail hit 2 x aluminum and once into the goal, but it did not count due to offside, so it was 3: 1 until the break.

After changing sides, it was struck again Clemen Flick, who made fans’ hands point to the sky, 4: 1 in the 58th minute.

Kirchheim wasn’t just an extra, they worked as hard as they could, but technically Maria Gil was a better class today. Fortunately did not change when Raphael Cutting like Noble Joker was replaced in. It was enough for him 5 minutes in place to make it 5-1 for high. Perhaps he grinned from left to right. And because he’s so cute now, he grabbed the 74 minutes The one on top and he stood up 6:1. is ours “Tony Upholstery”Best possible performance with minimal effort. Not that it comes the wrong way, he’s not lazy about running nor anything else, he just has an instinct, like a Polester, to be in the right place at the right moment and that’s a good thing.

Having just arrived at Legends of Austria Hey, I’ll add one more to this stat: Philip Alaba Stutz – From today we celebrate our new resurrection God free kick. Was it the Easter snack yesterday or the personal training before him Injured teammates Maxi Fleisner and Philip Hessel From the sidelines or “loving” encouragement from our president? Seconds before the final whistle, our whistle snapped Captain Philip Stutz flogging, took responsibility for the free-kick, thought “it’s either now or never” or he closed his eyes and thought “shit… Then, we’ll never know. The fact is he looped the ball around the wall straight into the goal Alaba style 7:1That new grille just whipped up and had no trouble not getting ripped off by the great shot. The cheering on the field was limitless, Philip scored the last goal of 2019, so it’s time again ;-).

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If today’s total of 6 shots on the crossbar had gone in instead and the two offside goals had been regular, we would have scored 15, more than some home Easter eggs, there it is. But I don’t want to be rude, 7 goals is also great and I would also like to mention the opposing goalkeeper who prevented his team from a double-digit defeat.

Fans had to wait a very long time today for the hit personality Maria Geller to hit the canteen. People were already wondering if a wax mold was going to be made of Philip’s body for a statue or if it was really a model because the artist wanted to carve it in stone… It must be a bit of fun, right?

Anyway, I want to congratulate you on this great game. I hope you enjoy the performance and the enthusiasm is with you to Ledenitzen. You don’t need to score that many goals there, it will only be important if you score more than Lady 🙂