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A yacht designed with unlimited range and zero emissions

A yacht designed with unlimited range and zero emissions

Infinite range

Robert Klatt

  • He owns the yacht AQUON One 64 square meters of solar panelsand for Charging lithium-ion batteries And Hydrogen is produced from seawater
  • In Eco mode, the yacht has a speed of 4 to 6 knots (7 to 11 km/h). Theoretically unlimited scope And It produces no emissions

The AQUON One yacht produces its own hydrogen. With a sufficient amount of solar radiation, it theoretically has an unlimited range in economy mode.

Zurich, Switzerland). The new yacht ONE AQUON Swiss Sustainable Yachts AG (SSY) is equipped with a photovoltaic system and hydrogen generator. It can use it to produce its own fuel and does not need to stop to refuel. According to their developers, the ship thus theoretically has “infinite range”.

SSY promotes the AQUON One as a “smart designed catamaran that redefines luxury yachts” and offers “an independent lifestyle of sustainable luxury”. According to the trade journal Electric Recently, the first copy of the AQUON One was sold out.

AQUON ONE has 64 square feet of solar panels

There are 64 square meters of solar panels on the deck of the yacht, which are used to charge lithium-ion batteries. The energy from the batteries is used to propel the yacht and provide power to the passengers.

Once the batteries are charged, the excess solar energy is used to produce gaseous hydrogen from desalinated seawater. This is pressurized to 300 bar and stored. If additional energy is needed, fuel cells can convert hydrogen back into electrical energy for propulsion. Therefore AQUON One produces no emissions other than water and heat.

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Unlimited range

With sufficient solar radiation and a cruising speed of 4 to 6 knots (7 to 11 km/h), AQUON One has a theoretically unlimited range thanks to its large solar panels. In practice, however, this is limited by the fact that components of the power generation process, such as the desalinator, must be maintained or replaced. If there is no sunlight, AQUON One can cruise in Eco mode at 4 to 6 knots for up to three days. The maximum speed of the yacht is 16 knots (30 km / h).

Overall, the 21-meter-long AQUON One offers 250 square meters of living space, which should be enough for eight to ten passengers. In addition to the bedrooms, there is a galley with grill and bar, living room and crew quarters on board.