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10 tips against impure skin

10 tips against impure skin

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We all have that friend who feels like they never wash their face, don't use any grooming products, and regularly go to bed wearing makeup — yet are never bothered by pimples, blackheads, or undertones. How unfair the world is! But although genes play a major role in skin condition, we don't simply have to accept impure skin. With the right routine and a little patience, most problems can be dealt with relatively easily. We will show you valuable tips against impure skin.

What to do if your skin is not clear?

1 | Check your hormonal status
An excess of male hormones (androgens) is often responsible for acne, which is why having your hormone status checked by your family doctor can make sense – especially if there are other symptoms such as irregular menstruation or excessive hair growth.

2 | Get enough sleep
When you sleep, the body repairs skin damage, among other things, which is why a restful night's sleep is everything for healthy skin. Lack of sleep also promotes inflammatory reactions in the body, including pimples.

3 | Avoid dairy products
Whey proteins found in cow's milk increase insulin levels and, as a result, release male hormones that can promote blemishes. For example, products made with soy, oat or almond milk are a good alternative. Also be careful with whey protein shakes!

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4 | Rely on the right active ingredients
Oily skin with blemishes benefits from benzoyl peroxide (BPO for short), which has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic effect. Beta hydroxy acids (BHA) such as salicylic acid help treat mild acne – they exfoliate the skin, inhibit sebum production, and cleanse pores. Vitamin A (retinol), vitamin C, niacinamide, zinc, and clay are also good options.

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5 | Clean twice daily
Cleansing your face in the evening is a must anyway, if your skin is impure (especially very oily), cleansing your skin with a gentle product in the morning may also help – as oil and dirt also collect on the surface of the skin. Overnight.

6 | Change pillowcases and towels frequently
Change your pillowcases at least two to three times a week – after all, sweat, oils, makeup residue as well as dirt particles from your hair end up on your pillow every night. The same applies to a facial cleansing towel, which is best changed daily.

Keep your hands away from your face if you have blemishes
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7 | Keep your finger away from your face
Even if it's difficult: try to touch your face with your fingers as rarely as possible. There are all kinds of viruses and bacteria on our hands that not only transmit diseases, but can also cause or worsen local inflammation.

8 | Talking on the phone using headphones
When it comes to cleanliness, things look pretty bad on our mobile phone screens. Due to constant contact with our fingers, an average smartphone is said to be more contaminated with bacteria than a toilet seat.
So: Instead of putting the screen to your cheek the next time you call, use headphones or speakers (please don't use them on the bus).

9 | Clean Brushes & Co
If you can't remember the last time, now's the time: Powder brushes should be cleaned with a mild shampoo about twice a week, and beauty blenders after each use. Sponges can also be boiled every now and then to kill any bacteria.

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10 | Avoid alcohol
If the health benefits aren't convincing, perhaps the cosmetic benefits are: Alcohol strips moisture from the skin, stimulates sebum production and promotes pimples and irritation. We don't like that at all! If you've ever been involved in Dry January, you've probably noticed it yourself: without consistency
When you consume alcohol, your skin instantly becomes plumper, clearer and fresher.

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