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100% Wolf with German voices Alina Freund, Kurt Kroemer and Hela von Senen starting in the cinema on July 1, 2021 (photo)

100% Wolf with German voices Alina Freund, Kurt Kroemer and Hela von Senen starting in the cinema on July 1, 2021 (photo)

Munich (OTS) Effective July 1, 2021, viewers old and young * can enjoy the amazing and exciting animation adventure in the cinema 100% coyote Experience. When, on his thirteenth birthday, Freddy turns into a cute dog instead of a formidable wolf as planned, his group threatens to banish him. This is the beginning of the greatest adventure in his life for the slave hero.

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In the German version of 100% coyote Three personalities that celebrities speak. Alina’s friendAnd the Kurt Kroemer And the Hela lost her mind I lend them their categorical voices.

Young actress Alina’s friend She has already enchanted audiences as Lilli in “The witch Lilli: The dragon and the Magic Book” and “The Witch Lilli: The Journey to Mandolan” and also works regularly as a voice actress. at 100% coyote She speaks maybe the little Chihuahua lady, but it’s all lively ToichiWho met Freddy at the doghouse and has accompanied him ever since.

Ice cream seller FOXWELL CRIPP Partly responsible for the early loss of Freddie’s father and he also knows the secret of the Hidden Werewolf Package. If he exposes the packaging, it will have devastating effects. Bring him to life Kurt Kroemer. The Berlin comedian discovered his comedic talent in the 1990s and celebrated his breakthrough feat with his debut solo show “We had nothing at the time”. Since then, Kurt Kroemer has had great success in theater, television and film.

Hela lost her mind She became known in 1988 for the TV show “Alles alles oder ?!” , Who I hosted with Hugo Egon Balder. Since then, the comedian with unusual outfits has become an integral part of German television. She is also active as an actress and dubbing actress and is also very active in social policy. However, the character she speaks with makes life difficult for Freddy. It looks like the leader is taking care of the dogs in their home. But as Freddy quickly realizes, it is better if he and his new friends escape their clutches as soon as possible.

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Content: Freddy Lubben is no ordinary guy, he hails from a proud werewolf family. He can’t wait to change himself for the first time – just like his famous father, the former leader of the werewolf group, before that. But on the night of his thirteenth birthday, when the time finally comes, something totally unexpected happened: Freddy turns not into a mighty and mighty wolf, but into a little, cute, white wolf … POODLE! What a drama. Uncle chases Freddy down the street and ends up in a kennel. Most needed, he meets the smart street dog BATTY. With her he embarks on a tumultuous adventure to prove that despite his thin looks, he is 100% a wolf.

100% coyote It is based on the book of the same name by Australian author Jane Lyons. The book was adapted by director Alexs Stadermann for the big screen, produced by Flying Bark Productions in association with Siamese Production and ReDeFine. The script was written by Fin Edquist, who has already worked with Alexs Stadermann on his directorial work “Die Biene Maja – Der Kinofilm” and “Die Biene Maja – Die Honigspiele”. With the voices of Alina Freund, Kurt Krömer, and Hella von Sinnen, three important characters are prominently cast, accompanying main character Freddy in his adventure or opposition.

Theatrical release: July 1, 2021, distributed by Konstantin Film

Amplifiers: Alina Freund, Kurt Kroemer, Hela von Senen, and many more

Director: Alex Staderman

Script: Finn Edquist

The Producers: Barbara Stephen and Alexia Gates Vole

Co-Producer: Francesca Hope

Executive Producer: Greg Javansky, Bill Schultz

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Produce: Flying Bark Productions in collaboration with Siamese Production and ReDeFine.

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