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Ball fun with celebrity decorations for the sweets ball

Ball fun with celebrity decorations for the sweets ball

There were many particularly sweet temptations on Thursday evening at the Vienna Hofburg Hotel. The 121st Sweets Ball was held there with all kinds of delicacies. But it wasn't that bad, because at least the calories consumed could be worked off right on the dance floor.

For the ball mother Birgitte Sarata She told the Courier newspaper that the event is “a ball of the joy of life. It is a ball for everyone who wants to have fun and it is not too cruel.”

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For her, the highlight of the lavish night is “when people come up to me and want to gossip. Then everyone tells me that their expectations have been exceeded,” she said proudly.

By the way, this year's celebrity cake goes to Kammersänger Herbert Lippert. He already had it once in 2019. “But I had to take it with me Ildico Raimondi “Share,” he laughed. By the way, this time the dessert was nougat, because that's what Lippert wanted.

As guests of honor, the actors Gerhard Ernst They were led at the entrance, and the cathedral priests came this year Tony FaberOpera singers Zoriana Kochbler And Clemens Unterreinercity Council Peter HankeyViolinist Yuri RevichCabaret artist Caro Athanasiadis And the director Daniel Serafin Hip, trendy, popular.

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