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11 dead in a house fire in France

11 dead in a house fire in France

Eleven people are believed to have died in a fire at an Alsatian holiday home for people with mild mental disabilities.

Unfortunately, “there is no doubt” that all the missing persons were in the residence during the fire and could not get out, said the Secretary-General of the responsible prefecture, Christophe Marot, today after visiting the site of the fire in the municipality. from Wintzenheim. By noon, nine bodies had been discovered.

The victims were 10 adults with learning disabilities and a caregiver from the nearby town of Nancy, who were vacationing in the northeastern French town of Wintzenheim, near Colmar. According to the governorate, the remaining 17 residents of the residence have been moved to safety.

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No chance for people on the first floor

According to the local fire department, the fire alarm was received around 6:30 a.m. The fire spread quickly, but it was soon brought under control with the help of dozens of firefighters and gendarmes. However, it was impossible for the residents of the first floor to escape on their own.

By noon, nine bodies had been discovered with the help of a drone, dogs and a direct search, the Fire Department’s chief of operations, Philip Howeller, announced.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced on Twitter that she will travel to Wintzenheim with the Minister for Solidarity and Families, Aurore Berg. President Emmanuel Macron wrote that his thoughts are with the victims and their families.

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