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Touching scenes of Charles at horse races

Touching scenes of Charles at horse races

Charles surprised everyone on Friday with an unscheduled visit to the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

With a visit to the British Cancer Center King Charles III He is appearing in public for the first time since his cancer became known nearly three months ago. Together with his wife Camilla At the end of April, he visited a cancer treatment center in London and spoke to patients and medical staff. Upon their arrival, the royal couple smiled and waved to onlookers and waiting journalists.

Now Charles has surprised royal fans and the press with an unscheduled visit to the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

King Charles: With a great temperament at horse racing

The 75-year-old king, wearing a large coat to protect him from the wet weather, appeared in high spirits while attending the horse race on Friday.

Queen Camilla, who had been loyally managing the fort while the king was being treated for cancer, was not present on the occasion. That's why Charles met his niece Zara TindallWith whom the king seemed to have had a good time. Also, while talking to one of the riders, it was clear that Charles was enjoying the event and was positively thriving. Many photos show Charles with a big smile on his face.

King Charles is a huge fan of horse racing. So he and Camila BI was so excited about the Royal Ascot horse race last summer that Charles was in tears at the end.

Charles III announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of February. She was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate after surgery, but Ballas says it was not prostate cancer. It is still unknown what type of cancer he was suffering from. Due to the diagnosis, the king has since suspended his public appointments. But he attended appointments in a small circle, such as weekly meetings with the prime minister.

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