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Floods: evacuations after dams collapse in Norway – Climate –

Floods: evacuations after dams collapse in Norway – Climate –

The rupture of a dam in Norway has forced the evacuation of thousands of people

Severe weather-related flooding in southern Norway and the rupture of a dam led to numerous landslides and the evacuation of thousands of people. In the morning police said that in Inlandet County, north of Oslo, 16 landslides and six floods were reported on Wednesday evening. More than 600 people have been brought to safety. No personal injuries have been reported yet.

The situation was confusing and chaotic. A tragic situation developed at the Braskereidfoss hydroelectric power station about 120 kilometers northeast of Oslo: water penetrated the actual power station there, causing massive damage. Thousands of people had to be brought to safety due to the massive floods that followed the dam collapse. The rising water flooded the now-defunct station. However, the police said at the moment that “no further action has been taken at the power station”.

The operator of the Havslund power station explained that the consequences are currently not serious. “So far, the diversion of water through the dam seems to be working well.” It has already been said that the bombing of the dam on the Gluma River, the longest river in the country, is under consideration. Originally, the Norwegian Armed Forces were asked for backup because the dam locks could not be opened because the power to the generators was out.

In the afternoon it was said that it was decided to wait and see the situation and take no action. At the same time, live recordings by broadcaster NRK showed that large amounts of water destroyed many trees near the power station and also caused part of the dam to collapse.

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Emergencies and evacuations have also been reported elsewhere in the Scandinavian country. Large parts of the city of Nisbin were flooded. In Ringrekke municipality, people have to be evacuated from several areas due to the flooding of the Storelva River – there are about 1,000 people there, the director of operations told Dagbladet. Hundreds of people in other communities have been evacuated, NTB news agency reported. At Hamsidal, a hut was struck by water masses – shortly thereafter it rushed towards a bridge.

Storm Hans hit Sweden first and shortly thereafter Norway. Meteorologists warned of more rain in parts of southern Norway on Wednesday. The country’s Institute of Meteorology estimated that the amount of rain expected in the evening is not severe, but given the conditions in the region, the impact could be significant. In Sweden and to a lesser extent in Denmark, “Hans” also caused damage.