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14 new "hygge" condominiums »Leadercent

14 new “hygge” condominiums »Leadercent

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| 11/08/2022

For the new building project, Trio Development from Thalheim chose to build with timber.

14 new housing units were built as part of the “Hygge Lambach” project. According to the client, the new apartments were built in a construction period of 15 months in a sustainable wooden building in Leitenstrasse and have an area of ​​51 to 74 square metres.

New construction without taking up space

In Lampach (Upper Austria), old buildings and warehouses no longer in use in the immediate vicinity of the center were demolished and a new apartment building was constructed. Despite the specific plot size, the so-called hygge philosophy can also be applied here, according to the company.

Communication areas and a book-sharing corner are meant to encourage socializing, and residents can use a charging e-bike and two e-bikes for free. Your bicycles can be parked by the lift and arcade in a private parking space directly in the apartment.

“This project is a good example of the optimization of living space in city centres. The demand has been enormous,” say the three directors, Wolfgang Mayrhofer and Knut Drogwich.

The optimum living climate due to the wooden construction

When designing the apartments, Trio relied on wood as a raw material. The wooden construction creates a “first-class room climate with optimum humidity”. “Because wood does not contain any moisture during installation, there are no long drying periods and residents find an ideal living climate. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that wooden construction has a positive effect on the health of residents, since the heart of a person in such rooms has repeatedly Less. In hot summer, the wooden construction provides a noticeably better indoor climate”, says Mayrhofer.

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