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15 years ago at Waldviertel: Transfer of the position to the workroom in Zwettl

15 years ago at Waldviertel: Transfer of the position to the workroom in Zwettl

After 36 years at the AKNÖ, Gerhard Felbermayer handed over his position as head of the AKNÖ district office in Zwettl to his successor, Jürgen Bender.

TWETTL. “This is a happy event, but it also fills us with melancholy,” explains Mag Helmut Gueth, Director of AKNÖ, on the occasion. Felbermayer has accomplished his task meticulously and with great expertise and has contributed a lot to the fact that the Zwettl district workhouse has become a powerful force along with the staff. Felbermayer helped set up the all-Lower Austria hotline along with the main office. Under Felbermayer’s leadership, Zwettl was appointed as a district training center for the Waldviertel to train young AKP advisers. The Felbermayer era saw the construction of the new AKNÖ district office, which has been a modern point of contact for employees ever since.

The new district office also gained great importance in the field of training and further education.

Felbermayer evaluates it

“I am particularly proud of the high level of acceptance among AKNÖ members in the region,” says Gerhard Felbermayr, summarizing his time as district office manager.

As Felbermayer’s successor, Jürgen Bender knows the AKNÖ district office in Zwettl well. At 33 years old, he is the youngest local office manager in Lower Austria and has been working in the workroom since 1997.

As a trained bricklayer, Gmünder participated in the Leyrer + Graf company in Gmünd as a youth council and successfully completed the Business Council Academy as a second education option. He has been working as a consultant in Zwettl since 1998.

“As Gerhard Felbermayer’s deputy, I know very well the needs of the personnel in the Zoetel district,” explains Binder. Right at the start of his career as District Office Manager, he has a number of important tasks ahead of him. At the beginning of April 2008, AKNÖ went on an information tour in the Zwettl region and informed employees at their workplaces about offers from the workroom during company visits.

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From June 9 to 13, 2008, “Tax Saving Weeks” will take place in Zwettl, during which employees will receive support from AK experts regarding the assessment of employee taxes.

And in the second half of 2008, the organizational preparations for the 2009 AKP elections were put on the agenda.