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Biathlete Anna Weidel promotes Mānuka Health

The 26-year-old Tyrolean is the new official honey partner of New Zealand Mānuka Health.

Anna Wedel It advertises honey for consumption as well as desserts, lip and hand care, and wound healing honey. Manuka honey is made by bees from the nectar of the flower of the Manuka plant, which grows only in New Zealand. Compared to other honeys, Manuka honey promises particularly high MGO properties: methylglyoxal is a sugar breakdown product that develops in honey through natural processes and, the higher this value, makes it particularly valuable for well-being and sport. Manuka honeys are the “ultimate firsts” here.

Born in Kufstein, she is a German biathlete and also holds Austrian citizenship.

Honey in the “open window”

In sports, and especially in winter, Manuka honey will unleash their power. “Anyone who has completed a particularly intense sports session, for example spending long days on skis, knows the feeling: after the session you feel tired and exhausted, you need to sleep even more, and maybe you already feel muscle soreness the next day. This condition means that our body is tired, Because she has to do a lot during intense physical training, ”explains Weidel.

In the short term, the body is now more susceptible to micro-crashes in terms of well-being and fitness. This phenomenon is also known as the “open window effect”. It is important here to act consciously after training: “After hard training sessions, it is important for me to quickly restore energy. I treat myself to pure nuka honey on a spoon or mix it into a rejuvenating shake, ”recommends the athlete and Olympian.

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