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President of Welser in the Italian car manufacturer Pininfarina

Welsh-born Felix Kilbertus is climbing the career ladder at Italian carmaker Pininfarina: as announced yesterday, he will be responsible for the creative and strategic management of all design aspects at group level. The 44-year-old will take over on April 17.

Kilbertus has already gained experience in several car manufacturers: he studied industrial design in Linz and transport design at the Stratte College in Paris. After graduating, the 25-year-old started working as a designer at Renault in Paris in 2003. His other positions as an exterior designer were at Nissan at the Global Design Center in Japan and at Pininfarina and Fiat in Italy. He was the chief designer at Pininfarina between 2011 and 2014.

Most recently, Kilbertus worked for Rolls-Royce, where he was responsible for the brand’s design development since 2017 and led creative teams in Munich and the UK.


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