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Regional League South/South East – License for Players

Regional League South/South East – License for Players

In the regional league, the sixth performance level in Austria, the responsible coaches have a UEFA B licence. “With me being in UEFA B, I can coach up to the first national league,” said Peter Kaltenegger, Hirschwang’s coach. However, the Autumn Champions coach applied for a UEFA A license and was approved. If the result is positive, Kaltenegger will have the right to work as head coach until the Second League: “If anything changes, I am also ready and will not have a problem about not having a coaching licence.”

The training is not primarily aimed at enhancing his coaching career. “My personal goal is relatively simple,” says Kaltenegger. “I want to make the individual and collective players better on the current team, and we want to achieve and celebrate successes together.” Track, he and his team are at the top of the table.

Continuous development as a personal driver

Peter Kaltenegger cares about the well-being of his team: “As an area manager at an insurance company, I also believe that I have obtained the best and most up-to-date training for the benefit of my clients. “I am always ready for changes,” explains Kaltenegger, who also approaches his hobby in the same way: “That’s how I feel about football.” Foot too. So training for a UEFA A license. For the sake of my players, I always try to improve because I ask them to in return.

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