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Stöger and Bochum were eliminated against third-division teams

Stöger and Bochum were eliminated against third-division teams

VFL Bochum failed third division Arminia Bielfeld in the first round of the cup. After 90 and 120 minutes it is 2: 2. In the penalty shootout, Bielefeld eventually won 4-1.

Bielefeld’s double hit within a few minutes

Szybnoski (25) and Bian Kade (29) shocked Bochum in the first half with a double strike in a very short time. The VFL dominates the game in the next phase, but it takes a long time to level the game.

In the 41st minute, Kevin Sturge’s 16-metre shot was deflected. Just before the end of the first half, Asano managed to score the first goal (45 + 2.) after preliminary work by the OFB Legionnaire.

In the second half, Bochum pushed everything forward, but was without a goal for a long time. Only in extra time did he save a goal from Simon Zoller after another pass from Stöger the team favorite in extra time. Bochum’s first player, Philipp Hoffmann, missed a penalty shootout. And as Bochum’s second shooter, Stöger also missed. The remaining shooters score and thus the underdog prevails 4:1 after penalties.

A penalty kick makes Mainz win

FSV Mainz struggled in the Bundesliga with striker Karim Onisiu for a long time as Elversberg rose from the second division, but eventually won 1-0.

Chances in the first half are rare for either side. Onsiwo attempts a header from five meters in the 19th minute, but he does not cause any problems for the Elversberg goalkeeper.

In the second half, it was Ludovic Ajork who saved Mainz from a penalty kick (71). Shortly before the end of the match, Elversbergs Feil sees the red yellow card (83rd).

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Karim Onisio plays for Mainz. Niko Antonich is not used to Elversberg.

As expected, Greuther Fürth won 1-0 against Halle.