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23 baptized people found God in the ancient Danube

23 baptized people found God in the ancient Danube

The Protestant Church celebrated its first baptism with a large picnic on the Danube in Vienna.

Barefoot priests wearing abayas, accompanied by children Baptism candles In one hand and ice cream in the other, women in elegant summer dresses next to men in swimsuits – that was the scene on Saturday. Federal swimming pool Alte Donau in Vienna.

There was a big one there Baptism Festival the Protestant Church It happened on the Danube River. About 100 people came to the Lido to celebrate the baptism.

A total of eight adults and 15 children had their big day and received holy baptism. Three of them are Paula, Arnold and Richard. The sister trio was a little nervous before the concert, they told KURIER. “It's exciting, but it's more relaxed than in church, and there are three of us,” Paula said. Her mother revealed that they had especially waited for this celebration before the baptism: “It is a really unique atmosphere today.”

A picnic blanket instead of a church pew

At 11 am we started Holy block Come here. The good Lord clearly meant well and blessed the festival with bright sunshine after the previous cloudy days. Before baptism, the eight people sang together pastor And Pastors He preached under the slogan, “Wash in all waters.”

Instead of sitting reverently in church pews, worshipers sat on picnic blankets Saturday. The piano and saxophone duo played “Under the Sea” from Disney's Ariel to mark the occasion.

This type of baptism – which has already been practiced for 2,000 years – was a special experience for the clergy. “It is very nice that so many people came, and we are delighted that eight adults also want to be baptized today,” she said. Rev. Donaustadt Verena Groh. Some of those baptized came to Austria as refugees and officially joined the Evangelical Church on Saturday. They had been preparing for this day for months. A man also formally entered the church that day.

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Individual baptisms were then carried out somewhat apart from the events with the necessary devotion. With the waters of the ancient Danube River, where the young candidates for baptism began the fun of bathing after the ceremony.