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Only one in eight charging stations in Europe is a fast charger

Only one in eight charging stations in Europe is a fast charger

ACEA says charging should be as easy as refueling today

association European Automobile Manufacturer (ACEA) He points out that charging infrastructure is still a bit of an issue when it comes to the spread of electric mobility.

In the European Union there is currently More than 630,000 charging stationsBut seven out of eight They are standard AC chargers with an output of less than 22 kilowatts, the association said in a press release. Just 13.5% of charging stations They are DC fast chargers with an output capacity of more than 22 kilowatts.

AC chargers can be found at home, at work, and in public places (such as supermarkets and recreational facilities); DC chargers designed for fast charging are currently installed mainly on highways and highways.

“If we want to convince Europeans to switch to electric cars, we must Charging can be as easy as refueling Today,” he says ACEA Director General Sigrid de Vries. “People need easy access to chargers in their everyday environments, and these charging stations need to be fast and easy to use without having to wait in long lines.”

In particular, people who cannot afford or do not have access to private charging facilities will benefit from DC chargers, according to ACEA.

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