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Camilla will make history at Charles' coronation

Camilla will make history at Charles’ coronation

Preparations for the coronation are dubbed Operation Golden Orb. The processes have been known for centuries. But as a sign of a more modern monarchy, Charles supposedly wanted to simplify some customs. So fewer guests and less luxury can be expected, as they say in London.

This is how the coronation will go

However, the basic elements are expected to be the same as those that preceded Charles. The ceremony is divided into six sections. First, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who leads the service as spiritual leader of the Church of England, proclaimed Charles king. Then he takes an oath to rule according to the law and protect the church. After kissing the Bible and signing its oath, the anointing is done with consecrated oil coronation and ascension to the throne. Finally, the archbishop and princes swear allegiance to the king.

‘Queen Camilla’ was the Queen’s concern

Charles has been since his mother died Queen Elizabeth II September 8, British King. During her lifetime, Elizabeth had expressed her desire that Charles’ wife Camilla might one day become queen. Westminster Abbey has been a site for the British for 900 years coronation. Worship has been led by William the Conqueror in 1066, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has been the spiritual leader of the Anglican Church since the separation from Rome in the 16th century.

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