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30 years in a time capsule: Singer Dolly Parton wanted to leave a song for her fans

Dolly Parton hides an unreleased song in a time capsule buried in Dollywood Park. She wanted to give it to posterity as a gift. The country singer reveals this on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show. However, the buried song is not supposed to appear until the year 2045.

Meanwhile, she is disturbed by this decision: “I really want to dig in! It’s a really good song!” said the 76-year-old. In 2015, she allowed herself to speak a lot at the event. But the singer should not regret it too much. After all, there is a chance to let the country icon open the time capsule in the year 2045 himself. “That idea drove me crazy, you have no idea how upset I was. I wrote a song that no one will hear until I’m 99. And I can be there or I can’t be there. I feel it. Dig! Also because it’s a really good song, she told Clarkson.

However, it is not certain that the original recording will still exist in 2045. Time and the particular nature of preservation may have weakened the support on which the musical relics were imprinted.

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