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Christmas Eve with Carmen Niebel 2022

Christmas Eve with Carmen Niebel 2022

This year you can spend Christmas Eve again with Carmen Nebel on ZDF. The sympathetic presenter met many stars in the warm alpine pastures of Tyrol to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a fireplace and Christmas music.

Spend Christmas Eve with Carmen Nebel!

for “Christmas Eve with Carmen NebelOn a mountain pasture in Tyrol, the successful presenter meets many stars such as Melissa Naushinwing, Anjelica Melster, Monica Baumgartner, Ronja Forcher, Anna Karina Wojczak, Stefan Moross, Voxxclub, Eloy de Jong or Johnny Logan. In front of the blazing fire, the spirit of Christmas is immediately apparent and the warm atmosphere of the mountain hut also contributes to the wonderful “Christmas Eve with Carmen Nebel”.

Two Doctors of the Mountain stars as guests in Carmen Nibel!

Anna Karina Wojciech And the Stephen Moross They Spent “Christmas Eve With Carmen Nebel” Together Despite their separation, the two stars have officially announced that they are going their separate ways. Ronja Rocher Guest on Carmen Nibel with her film grandmother. For many years, Ronja Forcher stood in for Lilli Gruber and Monica Baumgartner As Elisabeth Gruber on the hit TV series “Der Bergdoktor” together in front of the camera. Ronja Forscher also released her debut album “Meine Reise” this year. The charming singer wrote all the songs with a team of producers, so the songs are also very personal.

Carmen Nibel also reminds us of past Christmas shows!

Music advice and top recommendations

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Atmospheric Christmas Eve is also sure to be Johnny Logan Be sure that the multiple ESC winner will deliver great moments with his beautiful voice. but also Melissa Nashinwingwho released a smash hit this Christmas with “Christkindl,” Angelica Melsterthe Voxxclub or Eloy de Jong He will create the Christmas atmosphere in “Christmas Eve with Carmen Niebel”. Together with her guests, Carmen Nebel will also remember past Christmas performances. “Christmas Eve with Carmen Nebel” can be seen December 24 at 8:15 p.m. on ZDF.

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Photo: ZDF/Sascha Baumann