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32 million to expand heating of the Villach district

32 million to expand heating of the Villach district


Heating in the Villach area will be expanded by €32 million by 2025. A third biomass boiler is now being installed at the biomass heating plant in St. Agathen. The generation output at this site increases to a total of 28 MW. At the same time, the district heating network will be expanded by about 20 kilometers to 150 kilometers. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Wednesday.

As KELAG, the energy supplier of the state of Carinthia, announced in a press release on Wednesday, 80 percent of the heating needs in the city area are already covered by industrial waste heat, biomass and solar energy. With the current investment, “the heating system in Villach remains sustainable, environmentally friendly and largely independent of fossil energy despite its expected growth,” explained Reinhard Draxler, Member of the Board of Management of KELAG. Every kilowatt-hour of district heating using biomass replaces natural gas, which must be imported.

Heat is generated for 10,000 apartments

The district heating system in Villach is the largest district heating system from Kelag Energie &wärme and one of the ten largest in Austria. According to KELAG, demand for district heating in Villach has risen sharply – from 100 million kilowatt-hours in 2010 to around 250 million kilowatt-hours currently. The third biomass boiler enables annual sales totaling 300 million kilowatt-hours of district heating. The expansion of biomass district heating capacity by 50 million kilowatt-hours corresponds to the heating requirements of approximately 10,000 apartments.

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