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3,800 people fled Kabul in 24 hours

Confusion in Kabul: When you go to the airport in Kabul, CNN reporter Clarisa Ward says that “correction applies”, she was one of the few foreign journalists who was on the site until recently. Friday.

6:59 pm, August 21, 2021


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US discharge planes FP AFP

US President Joe Biden It wants to put pressure on the Taliban and help Afghanistan under “strict conditions” during its rule. A Taliban spokesman said he wanted to present plans for Afghanistan’s future within weeks.

The U.S. Armed Forces says a total of 17,000 people have been flown to Afghanistan since the evacuation of Kabul began a week ago. Major General William Taylor told the Pentagon on Saturday that the U.S. Armed Forces had evacuated a total of 3,800 people 24 hours earlier. Six U.S. Air Force aircraft and 32 charter aircraft were used for this purpose. 5800 American soldiers guard the airport in the Afghan capital.

“No change has been reported in the current enemy situation around the airport.” Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said Saturday, “We know we are fighting both time and space. This is the race we are in now.” Someone is trying to get people to safety “as quickly and safely as possible.” Thousands of people waiting to flee Islamists after the Taliban came to power were waiting Saturday at an airport in Kabul.

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President Biden said the United States would work with its allies to bring international pressure on the Taliban. At the same time, Afghanistan should not be turned against them for the benefit of the Islamists. “You are trying to gain a certain legitimacy. You need to find a way to keep the country together,” the US president said. According to Biden, the United States has links with the Taliban to access the airport in the capital, Kabul. He threatened a “strong backlash” if the Islamists disrupted the evacuation operation or attacked US troops.

“Survival of the fittest”

It is true that Americans will not be stopped at checkpoints on airport premises. However, the situation around the airport is different. That said, “the lives of the best” apply, until you create it CNN reporter Clarissa WardHe was one of the few foreign journalists who was on the site until the end and was expelled on Friday.

The situation around the airport has been chaotic since the Taliban came to power, and the situation is very dangerous. Two Germans were wounded near the scene. One of the two had already flown to Tashkent in Uzbekistan. The other was suitable for transport, but was in Kabul on Friday evening, the German Foreign Office said.

Was airlifted to the airport by helicopter

To avoid a dangerous crowd in front of the entry points, 169 Americans were reportedly airlifted by helicopter from a hotel near the airport, according to U.S. media reports. But even there, thousands of people had to be diligent because the evacuation planes were stopped in the meantime. This is due to the fact that Qatar no longer has the capacity to handle the arrival and departure of other travelers, according to the US Department of Defense. So the United States is trying to beat other countries to temporarily accommodate the people who have left Afghanistan and arrange safe transportation.

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Germany has agreed with the United States that it could use the U.S. military base at Rammstein as a hub for its evacuation aircraft. A U.S. State Department spokesman said the first planes had already landed there. A senior military spokesman told CNN that hundreds of people of various nationalities, including Afghan nationals, had arrived. Rammstein is only a stop – long-term shelter is not planned.

World Bank Group employees from Kabul and their immediate family members were brought to Islamabad. This is clear from an internal note released on Friday and viewed by Reuters.

The withdrawal of German armed forces continues. On Saturday night, several A400M military planes flew back to Kabul with security guards to fly to the Uzbek capital, Tashkent, Bundeswehr wrote on Twitter.