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The US ambassador has temporarily left Moscow

US Ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, on January 30, 2020 in Moscow
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John Sullivan, Washington’s top diplomat in Moscow, returns to the US capital this week. Russia’s foreign minister had earlier instructed him to return to the country.

IThe U.S. ambassador left amid massive tensions between Russia and the United States John Sullivan Moscow temporarily. The diplomat said Tuesday in Moscow that he would return to Washington for consultation this week. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov last week recommended that Sullivan return to the country after the United States expelled Russian ambassadors and imposed sanctions on Moscow. Russia has been accused of meddling in last year’s US presidential election, and, among other things, punitive measures have been released.

Russia has previously called on its ambassador, Anatoly Antonio, to return home from Washington. This happened after US President Joe Biden answered a definite question in an interview with his Russian colleague. Vladimir Putin Think of a “killer”. Russia also responded to recent U.S. sanctions with punitive measures, expelling ten U.S. diplomats in return.

“I think it’s important to talk directly with my new colleagues in the Biden administration in Washington about the current state of bilateral relations between the United States and Russia,” Sullivan said. He had not seen his family for more than a year. “This is another important reason I return home for the visit.”

He wants to come to Moscow in a few weeks – the diplomat said, and Biden will meet with Putin before a possible summit. The Kremlin leader has not yet agreed, but is exploring the possibility of a private meeting with his American counterpart in a European country this summer. Many EU countries have already volunteered to host the event.

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