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What is Kurtz doing today?

What is Kurtz doing today?

On Thursday, Gerald Fleischmann, a former senior Turkish man, was invited to the U.S. Commission. He, too, is on the cusp of leaving politics – which a number of people at Kurtz have already done.

They were a small group of young conservatives who for more than a decade led the political rise of Sebastian Kurz He coordinated – and directed domestic policy with him for years, with a complete concentration of power at the top. Until she suddenly disappeared from the daily political scene with the resignation of her first leader in December.

Today, one of them is once again entering the larger political arena – albeit unintentionally: Gerald Fleishman, who was Kurz’s head of public relations when he began serving as Secretary of State in 2011, was invited to the commission of inquiry. It should primarily relate to the poll issue that led to the Chancellor’s departure and about which several people in Kurtz are being investigated. Fleischmann still works as a speaker at the ÖVP Parliamentary Club. The former “Mr. Message Control” is still involved in the media selling of Turkish politics, but will not do it much longer: he himself did not answer any questions, but Fleischmann is supposed to switch to private in the fall, at the latest by early general. According to rumors, there are also engagements in Germany.

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