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3D printer for less than 100 euros in the test

3D printer for less than 100 euros in the test

In recent years, 3D printing technology has made great advances, both in terms of accuracy and ease of use. The focus is always on new models and brands that come with innovative features and technological improvements. The latest model that deserves attention in this category is the Alkaid 3D printer from Geeetech.

From the first look down to the technical details, it quickly becomes clear that Alkaid is not only suitable for professional users, but also for beginners in the field of 3D printing. With an impressive print size of 82 x 130 x 190mm and a 2K LCD screen resolution, it delivers high resolution and detail. Its special strength lies in the use of a 6.08-inch 2K HD monochrome LCD screen, which achieves a print accuracy of 0.051mm.

But Alkaid doesn’t just work with its printing technology. The user experience is greatly enhanced by the 3.5 inch touch screen, which can be operated in up to 12 languages. This not only makes it easier for newcomers to get started, but also promises an efficient workflow for experienced users.

But before we look at all the features of Geeetech Alkaid, here are all hard facts about the LCD 3D printer:

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Alkyd 3D Printer
  • 1 x Print Platform
  • 1 x Resin Swimming Pool
  • 1x instructions
  • 1x spoon
  • 1 x tweezers
  • 1 x Hex Wrench
  • 1 x USB Stick
  • 1x power cord

Technical details

printing technique LCD
print size 82 (L) x 130 (W) x 190 (H) mm
light source LED matrix
LCD dimensions 15.44 cm (6.08 in)
LCD resolution 2560 x 1620 (2K)
XY resolution 0.051 mm
Z axis accuracy 0.001 mm
layer thickness 0.01~0.2mm
Speed 30 mm/hr
UV wavelength 405 nm
Data transfer USB
external dimensions 353 (L) x 293 (W) x 464 (H) mm
Weight 5.8 kg
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Precision and stability

Geeetech Alkaid features a 6.08 inch 2K HD monochrome LCD that achieves a print accuracy of 0.051mm. Using monochromatic technology, the 3D printer can cure the resin in 1.5 seconds per layer exposure. In addition, the CNC milled build plate and high-quality Z-axis linear rails ensure perfect adhesion and stability, which can also greatly increase the printing success.

Another critical factor is the printer’s light source. Alkaid uses 15 high-power ultraviolet quartz lamps with a matrix lens made of professional optical materials. As a result, models are irradiated evenly and intensely and lighting errors are reduced to a minimum. The printer also includes an efficient cooling system where the UV lights are attached to the aluminum bottom plate. As a result, the heat is quickly dissipated over a large heat dissipation surface, resulting in a longer service life of the light source.

User-friendly design

The 3.5-inch touch screen provides an intuitive user interface that supports up to 12 different languages, ranging from English and German to Korean and Portuguese. This allows all beginners to understand all the settings and be able to operate the printer perfectly.

In addition to simple operation, Geeetech has also attached great importance to ease of maintenance and repairs with Alkaid. For example, if the FEP chips are damaged, they can be easily replaced by loosening the screws on the underside of the resin bath and simply removing the chips. There is also a small but practical change to the resin tub holder: it can be removed simply by loosening the mounting screws instead of having to unscrew it all the way.

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Packaging and appearance

The printer ships in a relatively small, well-padded box, which means that any damage during delivery is practically unlikely. Kidd’s packaging seems to be kept as small and light as possible, which makes shipping relatively cheap.

Geeetech is very good at finding the perfect balance between design and functionality. So does the Alkaid, which hits the mark stylistically with its light blue metallic finish on the Z-axis and print plate, and gives the new resin printer a high-quality look.

Setup and testing

Once you unpack your 3D printer, you can start your first print practically right away. However, the four screws on the pressure plate must first be tightened. Once this step is completed, nothing will stand in the way of a successful printing experience.

In order to make the start up as smooth as possible, Geeetech not only stored the ChituBox Slicer on the USB provided, but also stored some prepared models. One of these models is a dragon already equipped with supporting structures. Due to its relatively large dimensions and many details, it is ideal for the first test.



  • Excellent value for money
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low weight
  • Stable Z axis steering
  • Good lighting
  • Very good accuracy
  • Intuitive and attractive design


  • Some new features
  • 2K LCD resolution instead of the more common 4K


Its light weight and compact external dimensions are a clear advantage of Geeetech 3D printer. It doesn’t matter if you only have a small shelf space or a large workshop, the printer fits everywhere and is relatively easy to take with you. By combining these factors with quick setup and ease of use, the Geeetech Alkaid 3D LCD Printer feels almost like a plug-and-play device that can deliver accurate models as well as rapid prototyping.

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In principle, the new 3D printer can be recommended to everyone, but above all, Alkaid is aimed at everyone who doesn’t have much interest in technical tricks and would rather go straight to printing instead.

If we piqued your interest in the new Geeetech Alkaid LCD 3D Printer, you can order it here for just under €100. On the manufacturer’s website, you can also find the printer as a bundle with an internal washing and curing station or with a few bottles of clear resin.

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