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40% of buyers already own a Switch

40% of buyers already own a Switch

Kyoto, Japan – Tuesday Nintendo Switch OLED It offers a better screen than the standard console, a LAN port in the docking station and a wider base – not much, but it’s still popular with many existing customers. A recent financial report from Nintendo shows hardware sales: Nearly half of all OLED buyers already have the original Switch or Switch Lite at home.

40 percent of all Switch OLED buyers already have a Switch console at home. That’s 10 percent more than the number of repeat Switch Lite buyers. This indicates that Nintendo has won over its fans with the OLED model. However, there are also several new Switch game endings, the report notes.

“We have been able to maintain high demand for the Nintendo Switch OLED model so far, and since it will contribute to the full fiscal period this fiscal year, we believe this model will represent a larger portion of hardware sales,” Nintendo said. in the latest Financial Report (PDF). He goes on to say: On all Switch models, 25 percent are “alternative purchases.”

Nintendo expects to sell 21 million consoles this fiscal year

The success of the Nintendo Switch console family, which has already sold more than 107.37 million units worldwide (according to the latest hardware sales estimates), is expected to sell another 21 million units between April 2022 and March 2023, according to an estimate by Kyoto (Japan). The Switch could soon overtake the PlayStation 4 in the ranking of the best-selling gaming consoles This has already been achieved in the United States.

“To reach our expected sales of 21 million units, it is important to increase demand from first-time and repeat buyers,” Nintendo said in the report. The company also anticipates an increase in the demand for the Switch OLED model: “In addition, we believe that the sales share of the Nintendo Switch OLED model will increase as the demand for multiple systems increases.”

3 different Switch models: Standard (2017, already reviewed in 2019), OLED (2021) and Lite (2019). © Nintendo; Image source:

Nintendo Switch successor: When will ‘Switch 2’ come out?

In fact, many gamers – like us – already expected Switch OLED to actually be “Switch Pro”. This was not the case. The Enhanced Model offers a lot, but there is no improved functionality for games. It makes no difference if you play with the standard switch on the TV or with the OLED model. Many Nintendo fans are wondering: When will the Switch 2 come?

The Next ‘Big Nintendo Console’ Should Definitely Be ‘Different From the Nintendo Switch’ – This Information Comes From The Current Chief Shuntaro Furukawa Self.

Nintendo is currently only looking for a new console – which is not released “soon”. We’ll likely see support for the current Switch console family for many years to come. almost Xenoblade Chronicles 3 And Splatoon 3 He will give us “colorful autumn”.

Currently there White Nintendo Switch (OLED model) for 389 euros on The You can currently get the Neon Red / Neon Blue Edition for €352.93 In the mentioned online retailer.

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