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4A Games remove the reference to Ultra HD

4A Games remove the reference to Ultra HD

From Soren Diedrich
After developer 4A Games posted detailed questions and answers on their website about the enhanced version of Metro Exodus a few days ago, fans have now noticed that references to AMD’s Super Resolution technology have suddenly disappeared. In a statement, the studio explained that they were talking about a different technology, which is why the entry was incorrect.

In the run-up to the release of the enhanced version of the Metro Exodus shooter, developer 4A Games was forced to return to the FAQ website. Because in the original version, which can only be accessed via Google’s cache, there is still an explicit mention of AMD’s new Super Resolution technology, and now the corresponding entry is missing. Nvidia’s DLSS counter-attack shouldn’t be supported anyway, but it looks like they wanted to clear up this bug.

Close partnership with Nvidia?

4a games Now he talks about it openlyNo AMD UHD support – not even in the future. In the original version of the FAQ entry, according to the statement, the brand-new super resolution was not referenced anyway, but only to AMD FidelityFX’s existing image quality toolkit. However, there is no use for this either, since the internal renderer is incompatible with an AMD solution and works with its own chronological rebuild.

According to the statement, AMD’s superior resolution hasn’t even been evaluated. Many fans believe the studio is too tied to AMD’s competitor Nvidia, so support that overrides technical hurdles won’t be an option. It is possible to specify the specifications that your system must meet in order to be able to operate the enhanced version with greatly improved ray tracing illumination. In our summary Few days ago.

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