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Doom Eternal adds more premium cosmetic DLC after making sure it doesn’t

Doom Eternal adds more premium cosmetic DLC after making sure it doesn’t

Despite assurances that Doom Eternal will not add any premium cosmetic DLC, there are two other packages available for purchase now. VGC, These two groups – Kosmetikpackung DOOMicorn Master Collection And the A cosmetic package of the first series Now available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, $ 4.99 and $ 8.99, respectively.

Before starting Doom Eternal, Creative Director Hugo Martin responded to a Facebook comment Confirmation that the game is “idle”.Martin wrote: “No work.” “Nothing you can unlock with XP in Eternal has nothing to do with player skills or content that might affect your game anyway. The only thing you can unlock with XP is cosmetics. It doesn’t affect your gameplay, it looks modern.”

“Eternal is a $ 60 game, not a free game or a mobile game. We offer you a comprehensive and free experience tailored to your needs. Unlocking roofs with XP is part of the experience if you care about these things or you can ignore them altogether and it won’t affect your experience at all and all of it. Free. “

These two packages are not the first cosmetic DLC available due to either of them Das Rip ‘N Tear Pack It came out a few months after it was launched. However, these items were originally intended to be a pre-order catalyst in order not to be too negative.As with Rip ‘N Tear Pack, many items from newly released bundles were offered to players for free or as part of an upgrade at some point in Doom Eternal’s history but are now available as a full package.

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Doom paid for DLC in the form of expansions known as The Ancient Gods Part 1 & 2, and it was generally well received despite its hardships.

Doom Eternal is available on Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft has since acquired its parent company ZeniMax Media. Therefore, it is very likely that all of these changes led to this decision.IGN approached Bethesda for comment.

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