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5 Sessions – Friendly rock in the Hausmeninger workshop

5 Sessions – Friendly rock in the Hausmeninger workshop

Genres come and go, and trends change hands. Rock from the ’60s and ’70s and hits from the heyday of Austropop defy every turning point. And those who once decided on this position in life usually remain faithful to it forever.

Pure Classic Rock Band “akkustixxX” interprets classics from rock history and Austropop delicacies and has had a huge hit with it. And if pop singer and guitarist Uli Baer is also there, that gets extra oomph. This is what happened on Thursday evening at the second concert of the fifth session, due to uncertain weather conditions from the Schlosshof Ulmerfeld, this party was moved to the workshop.

Pop evening from the picture book

Great musicians and their fans can count on each other unconditionally, and so the fun-filled workshop turned into an evening of rock and pop straight out of a picture book. Guitarist Josie Gillets, who also reveals some experience from his busy years in Ulmerfeld, plays Elder Statesman, bassist Mario Puncec a cool rock warrior horse, and Benjamin Zalud puts plenty of pressure on the drums as a mainstay.

Ulli Bäer delights with a concise voice, virtuoso gameplay and charming commercials. The public wants a carefree evening. They got this. Songs like “Radar Love”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Da Hofa”, “Ausliefert” and “Kinettn” as well as “Der Durscht” make for a great atmosphere.

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