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60 years of the film Lisa and its premiere at Lake Wörthersee » Leadersnet

60 years of the film Lisa and its premiere at Lake Wörthersee » Leadersnet

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| June 10, 2024

Six decades of company history and a cult series that is still cherished today gave the film production company on Sunday two reasons to make the “Castle on Lake Wörthersee” a meeting place for celebrities.

In 1964, Paul Loinger founded Lisa Film GmbH, named after his wife. Karl Spehe joined him three years later and paved the way for a portfolio that now includes more than 300 film productions, which are known, among other things, as Wörthersee films – primarily comedies set around the body of water of the same name in Carinthia. Austria.

In the 1980s, popular classics such as “Piratensender Powerplay”, “Die Supernasen” and “Zwei Nasen Tanken Super” with Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Krueger were also credited to Lisa Film, before the focus of the works gradually shifted towards television. The most famous document of this era is undoubtedly “Castle on Lake Wörthersee”, a series produced for RTL about the idyllic Schloßhotel Velden.

Despite having only 34 episodes spread over three seasons, the series, which first starred Roy Black and then O'Shea Glass, is sometimes revered in a cult following to this day.

Premiere at the Falkensteiner Schloßhotel

In order to properly celebrate the 60th birthday of Lisa Film GmbH and “A Castle on Lake Wörthersee”, there was perhaps no more appropriate location than the Falkensteiner Schloßhotel Velden today: the unique opportunity to host the premiere party for the new documentary was “Castle on Lake Wörthersee – The story of the cult series” in the actual location of the event is something that many movie veterans of Lisa and other characters from the show and the business did not miss.

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In addition to the premiere, the program last Sunday also included an opening by Mike Krause and a barbecue on the auditorium balcony with music by Gregor Glanz. The list of attendees included such illustrious names as Heino, Peter Kraus, Otto W. Ritzer, Julia Kent, Mike Krüger, Christine Neubauer, Thomas Orner, Saskia Valencia, Eva Schill, Katerina Jacob, Helmut Werner, Angelika Spehs, Anja Schüti, etc. Look for Diana Corner.

Lisa Film's big anniversary will be honored with a detailed retrospective at Metrokino Vienna until Saturday 22nd June, while the documentary 'A Castle on Lake Wörthersee – The History of the Cult Series' will be released on ORF III on Saturday 15th June. Television debut. Meanwhile, you can find more impressions of Sunday's event in our gallery!