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A look behind the scenes – Summer Games Milk: “Fashion should be poetic”

A look behind the scenes – Summer Games Milk: “Fashion should be poetic”

Adjust a beaded crown here, tug a tuft there: the devil is in the details, and this applies to the work of a fashion designer as well as that of a makeup artist. At the 64th Summer Games, Alexandra Kika (costume) and Beate Bayerl (mask) make sure everything is in place. Kika is attending the Milk Festival for the first time this year. On the other hand, Pearl is attending the Milk Festival for the 29th time.

“Ultimately, the most important thing is for the actors to feel comfortable and understand why I was imposing my vision on them,” Kika says. If not, fashion design might be the best fashion design in the world – but the whole idea would be lost. “My father, who is a director, taught me that you don’t tell too much through the costume, let the actor say something,” she says.

Inspiration from museums in New York and Florence

In order to design costumes for “The Borgias – Game of Power”, Kika sought inspiration from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or the Uffizi, an art museum in Florence. “Fashion repeats itself; you wouldn't believe that Renaissance fashion is repeated in modern clothing. But it's all there: the puffy sleeves, the cropped jackets, women wearing corsets, the necklines. For her, the Renaissance also represents sensuality: “This is an element that should Also expressed in fashion, for me, fashion has to be poetic: the world you build has to create something.

mel23-2024-melk-summer games-mask-costumes

Betty Pearl in action.

Daniela Maticek, Daniela Maticek

Beate Bayerl also approaches the mask with artistic impressions. She leafs through comic books and art books, researching what Renaissance hairstyles looked like – and of course also consulting with fashion designer Kika.

“The costume and the mask have to be one unit. And then it becomes partly practical: what do we make, what wigs are available, and as a result we try to do magic. What is especially important to her when she does 'magic' is her team. “We often understand each other without To say one word. A lot of things are taken for granted and everyone is paying attention and awake. “That's how we became friends,” she says.

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