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60th Birthday: Lenny Kravitz: Keeper of the Fountain of Youth

60th Birthday: Lenny Kravitz: Keeper of the Fountain of Youth

Oh, age is just a number – most people usually heed this saying, except for Lenny Kravitz. He is 60 today and seems to be aging at half the speed of the rest, although he is not at all retreating from his anti-aging strategy: there are endurance sessions and strength training twice a day. It's not just his Instagram followers who know he doesn't hide the results under oversized jackets. Leather pants and mesh shirts have always been his closest companions. He may be flexible, but he still can't bend: His 35-year-old daughter, Zoe Kravitz, recently joked that she was embarrassed by her rock star father who wore a fishnet shirt on her way to school when she was a kid. Staying on top of things is part of the New Yorker's DNA: When he was five, his father took him to the Jackson 5 — a lifelong musical influence in Kravitz's already creative household: his mother, Roxie Rucker, was an actress, and his father, Cy Kravitz, was a producer TV.

Prince joined the Jackson family as a role model, but eventually Kravitz created his own musical universe: the first harbinger was “Let Love Rule” (1989), followed by “Mama Saad” (1991) with the hit single “It Ain't Over.” “Til It's Over”, followed two years later by the album “Are You Gonna Go My Way” with the song of the same name, which is still on most radio playlists around the world today. Kravitz created an alternative in the music world, which At the time it was closer to the gloom-ridden grunge scene. Kravitz provided a breath of fresh air and a touch of optimism and brought back the rock star: leather pants instead of the comfortable jacket that Kurt Cobain loved to wear but that's one thing for a rock star: he wasn't Kravitz is never a man of excess, but he celebrated his dazzling rock star attitude so subtly that he never slipped into the realm of embarrassment.

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He has long held the term style icon, which in his case has been expanded quite a bit – from hippie fur coats to capes, there is plenty of room in his wardrobe. They can be found at his home in the Bahamas, on one of his properties in the Brazilian jungle, or in his city palace in Paris. The multiple Grammy Award winner can handle all of this with ease. It remains to be seen whether his company “Kravitz Design”, which specializes in interior design and product design, will be a great success for him, as music also plays the first role in terms of income. The multi-instrumentalist has sold over 40 million albums worldwide to date. Six years later, a new album has been added: “Blue Electric Light” is his twelfth album. It was created at his home in the Bahamas, and he recently told the German news agency: “A place where I can work well and feel comfortable.” Maybe this is exactly the place, the much-vaunted fountain of youth.