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Excellent mixed group at Kroneder-Hof

Excellent mixed group at Kroneder-Hof

Manfred Kellner
L'Angelois – Wine connoisseurs don't need to be told: To make a blend, different grape varieties are grown together in a vineyard, then harvested together, pressed and fermented. The final product is often praised as more complex and interesting than coffee made from blending fully fermented wines. Thus the performance of the “Mixed Ensemble” composed of Gerald Eder, Erwin Rauscher and Raphael Lehmann on 23 May 2024 was an interesting and complex display of different artistic genres, resulting in a very entertaining show.

Gerald Eder He once again reached deep into his library of humor, and to the delight of the large audience at the Kroneder Hof, he took quotations from famous and less well-known authors – mostly from the sections “Women and Men”, “Man and All Too Human”, “Youth and Age”, and “Football”. ”, and “The Wisdom of Life”. Short and concise jokes were mixed with slightly longer – but never too long! – stories, short rhymes and whole poems, which always got to the point and ended with such succinct phrases as “Happiness is not a bird – Happiness has a bird.” ! The “Human” series of poems by Eugene Roth is so beautiful that it gives the first impression of the poet’s work Side tip: This was certainly possible with Mark Twain quotes or with examples from the various works of Joachim Ringelnatz.

Erwin Rauscher This evening he showed himself to be an excellent drummer and a talented hand performer – as an accompanist for singer and guitarist Raphael Lehmann and speaker Gerald Eder on the one hand, but also as a wonderful percussionist who managed to bring the audience back in front of them. With his show after the break to captivate and captivate the theater – by inserting the drum onto everyday objects from wheelbarrows to ladders and not just drumsticks, but also long ribbons and even tennis rackets.

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Rafael Lehmann He dazzled the audience with the great diversity of his repertoire, bringing Viennese songs, astropop (“Du Sorry i kenn Di”), songs composed by Udo Jürgens and hits (“Summerwine”). The intro with Harry Belafonte's rewritten “Banana Boat” (“Who's the Mixed Group Today?”) along with Rauscher and Eder, the “Hallelujah” with Rauscher on hand, and the final “I'm From Austria” is a great one which many see in The audience also sang along .

Overall: a fantastic event as part of “Culture at Langenlois Farms & Gardens”), well prepared, well-staged and meticulously integrated – a performance that will certainly leave visitors wanting more