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7-1 clear win for the Red Jackets – EC-KAC

7-1 clear win for the Red Jackets – EC-KAC

Rotjacken had their first good opportunity in the second minute, sending in from the right corner, Fabian Hoscheger pushed the ball into the goal area into the penalty area with his backhand kick, but the opponent managed to block the ball with his racket. The next attack already led to the first goal for the EC-KAC team: Nick Pietersen and Jan Mursak played the exchange of balls on the right side of the attacking third in such a way that the Canadian in the end had nothing but to drop into the net from a short distance. Distance (2). On the guest side, Charles-Antoine Payment from the right wing made Florian Vooror, who made a masked save (6 minutes), then doubled the lead from Klagenfurt: Finn van Ee pulled diagonally from the left half of the wall into the penalty area and closed with his shot. A forehand hit goalkeeper Nicholas Hrtubesi (8th place). After only 73 seconds, EC-KAC scored the third: after circling around the goal, Thomas Valant put the puck back into the slot, Lukas Haddum briefly trailed and used the gap that had opened up to throw a half-high flick into the far corner. (9′). The Stingers remained relatively harmless in their first solid game, but then they had a great opportunity: Vincent Nardon crossed the goalpost after a KAC spin and hit with his backhand, Florian Forauer made a save with his hand and froze the ball (12). At the end of a three-on-one attack, Simon Schwinger found only the shoulder of the Concordia goalkeeper (13th), then the Canadians also came on the scoreboard: after winning the pass in the attack zone, Sean La Rochelle shot from the right half of the wall through the traffic, the goalkeeper slipped from Through the red-jacketed goalkeeper (14th place). However, EC-KAC scored their fourth goal before the first break: Rafael Herberger intercepted a through ball in the no-man’s land and put it with his backhand into Fabian Hoscheger’s run on the right wing, prompting a poor substitution by his direct opponent, the “double against”-0″, Which Lucas Haddom elegantly used after hooking his forehand (19th).

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In the first majority of the match at the start of the second half, Matt Fraser failed twice in a promising position at substitute goalkeeper Kevin Brassard (24 each), then the Red Jackets wrote: Nimble passes through Herberger and Hoscheger landed in the middle with Thomas. Hundertepvond, who was responsible for Klagenfurt’s fifth goal (25th). After that, Florian Forauer was in the center of attention for a few minutes: he made a save with his shoulder (26 minutes) against Emil Hegarty Aubin, who set up a free goal in the middle after a cross, when Vincent Nardon fired in from an identical volley. The center after a red-and-white rotation, with the ingenuity of the Klagenfurt goalkeeper as well (29th place). Just as the guests managed to get their fourth field goal back on the ice after a short-handed “five-by-three” majority game by Rutjaken, EC-KAC struck again: from the stretched goal line, Thomas Hundertepfond dispatched Fabian Hoscheger, who hit a writhing forehand. into the grid via the inner crossbar (34). Marcel Whiting (34 min) missed a “three-on-one” started by Finn van E, and Jan Mursak got stuck in the goalkeeper’s leg when trying to return from a rebound after Fraser’s shot (35 min) and Hoscheger’s break danced over it. The right half, after attempting a tunnel on the goal line, but the defender pushed it away (36). The Canadians had their strongest face-off stage late in the middle third, and were now able to establish themselves in KAC’s third on longer sequences. When Florian Forauer was hit above the ground and Roman Rudzinski managed to clear the half-empty goal, the goalkeeper raised his arm and saved (38), also against Simone Lavigne from the left (blocker) and a hidden long-range shot. by Sean LaRochelle (catcher) was the post guard (all 39).

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The hosts’ superior numbers game in the final section saw Paul Postmas’ cross from long range, which flew through traffic in front of the Concordia area, but then only hit the post (41st). A brilliant duel with Johannes Bischofberger enabled Thomas Hundertepvond to curl a perfect shot from his wrist, which exploded on Brassard’s shoulder (42′), after which the Klagenfurt team had to prove themselves in a three-on-five match for almost a minute and the first half: Isaiah Campbell volleyed in from the area The backhand hits the post, and Tyler Hyland also touches the crossbar (43rd each). The next and last goal at the same time went to EC-KAC again: when the rebound fell into the goal area after Hodom’s shot from the left circle, Fabian Hoscheger responded ahead of Rafael Herberger and returned to the goal. 7: 1 (48). KAC’s sweet moves that followed didn’t culminate in a goal: when Bischofberger got hold of the puck after running in the left curve and returned it diagonally to the hundred pounds, a Canadian defender deflected the puck over the goal (min. 50) and then chased it down. Herberger’s recovery of the goal led to a three-on-two attack, and Kevin Brassard blocked Strong’s shot from the middle with a holding hand (52). Two late matches from the red and white force also fell short: Nick Pietersen hung on the goalkeeper’s leg guards while standing next to the post and Concordia’s goalkeeper made good saves from Hoodum and Postma from half distance after a lateral move (59 each). ).