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8 Famous Men Jump For Günther Jauch

8 Famous Men Jump For Günther Jauch>Broadcast>Turns out>

17. April 2021 – 23:27 hour

Barbara Schoneberger should win against 8 men

Also in today’s edition ofBecause they don’t know what is going to happenThe mediator can Günther Jauch (64) Not to be there because of his infection with Corona. The 64-year-old will have to remain in home quarantine until Sunday (April 18). Fortunately, a number of prominent colleagues offered to correctly represent the broker. While Thomas Gottschalk (70) A moderate should Barbara Schoneberger (47) He won matches against eight famous men. It gradually becomes clear who is hiding behind the replacement compost.

Read here how Günther Jauch detected his infection and whether he was actually vaccinated.

Replace one dung per game

Thomas Gottschalk announced to his teammate: “You are playing alone tonight. Here your opponent comes eight times.” Eight famous men in Günther Jauch masks entered the studio. And they wore a real podium – one better than the other. Convince yourself in our video!

Eight Günthers That Can Be Really Seen. Once Barbara selects a game candidate, he has to drop Gunther’s mask and reveal who he is. Barbara chose Blue and identified Gunter No. 7 as her opponent in the first match. The first famous man turned out to be singer Sasha. Italian singer Giovanni Zarrilla and Barbara follow, hard to believe: “I had something to do with it just last night,” the 47-year-old said happily. In Vertical Sketch, Barbara Schönberger relies on Gaucher No. 6 as a competitor: Stern TV presenter Stephen Halachka.

A veteran is used in Game # 4: “Price is Hot,” star Harry Wijnvoord competes with Barbara in “Competition.” When it comes to throwing various objects wrapped to the ground from tall heights in the hope that they won’t break, he plays Judge Jorge Gonzalez. During “Bath Day,” Barbara sits in the bathtub opposite comedian Chris Tall. Hurt’s Denise must prove his musical knowledge with “remixed lyrics of hit song”. Pascal Haynes must prove himself against Barbara “on very thin glass”.

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On April 10 there were 8 famous women

Already in the opening broadcast on April 10. Be Eight famous women competed alongside Thomas Gottschalk against superhero Barbara Schoneberger. The alternate candidates only gradually revealed themselves. They include sports presenter Laura Wontura, “Let’s Dance” referee Mutsi Mabus and Amira Boucher. Today Barbara Schönberger can help herself with a host of hot-tempered substitute men.

These candidates are Gunter Gauch

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