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Dieter Bohlin: His Secret Future Plans

Dieter Bohlin: His Secret Future Plans

While he has to receive criticism from all sides here, Dieter Bohlin, 67, messes with the Balearic Island in his campaign to avenge his career.

Dieter Bohlin: The DSDS Jury

After being kicked out of RTL it was like this Calm first About Dieter Bohlin. He said the rest of the live DSDS shows Due to illness He left for a short time and withdrew with his family to Mallorca.

Meanwhile, more and more details emerge, like Dieter Really ticks It should and what it can do with the TV turned off. Because the old companions suddenly gave up. Former DSDS juror Heinz Hein describes the pop Titan as a selfish, miserly person. It’s a mystery to him why RTL left him on the air for so long in the first place.

Thomas Gottschalk, who replaced the 67-year-old in the live shows, decried Dieter was not a player on the team. And even him His own family Settle down with him: Dieter had been thinking for years that he was the greatest, and now the rise has stopped.His cousin, Helmut Bohlin, told “the current person.” He hopes Dieter RTL-Aus will give him value education is being:

Perhaps he will now learn to treat everyone with more respect – and realize that not everyone will pass out when Dieter Bohlin appears.

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Dieter Bohlin: “I will continue to improve myself”

But Helmut likely had the bill without him A famous cousin made. Because as Dieter just announced himself, he wanted it Do not change (To let). “It wasn’t about money, and I didn’t panic either. RTL wants to take a new path, become more family-friendly. A revolutionary like me no longer has any work there. But I am as I am and I won’t change that either.”, He commented on his disagreement with the broadcaster and added: “I will keep improving myself, I will be more honest and push more slogans.”

Where and in what context will this still be in the stars. He could very well be a music producer in Mallorca First distance He wants to win and plan his future in peace.

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Pietro Lombardi: a common cause with Dieter Bohlin?

Because one thing is for sure, it will be that easy Not hit Give. After all, he announced on Instagram that he has “big” plans. “Every day some people call … Of course I got a lot of offers.”Dieter told his 1.6 million followers.

I am very happy with the situation at the moment. You know, a thousand new doors open when one closes again.

It is claimed that there must already be conversations about new offer With Dieter and his “talented” friend Bruce Darnell (63). “Dieter knows he can have a hit with Bruce at his side. The broadcast providers have to be very careful to coordinate with both.”, According to an insider. Also on one The Bohlin Podcast It should already be served. “Dieter thinks this is really exciting. However, so far, he hasn’t had the time and the right concept.”, Reveals a 67-year-old close friend.

There is currently around one in the music industry großes talk talk back Whisper – with Dieter’s friend Pietro Lombardi at his side. Because: “At least since his successful collaboration with Captial Bra, Dieter knew he could reach more fans with a younger artist.”The Insider said.

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