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8:27 PM: UHC handball team wins in Vienna

8:27 PM: UHC handball team wins in Vienna

On 9 December, the handball men from UHC Gänserndorf were guests in the Wiener Stadthalle B and competed against a regional league representative from West Vienna.

Gänserndorf/Vienna. The handball players from UHC Gänserndorf, especially goalkeeper Peter Berduk, got off to a good start in the match. Although the offensive play faltered at the beginning, the team only conceded one goal in the first 13 minutes of the match. However, this was largely thanks to the elite support, who managed to save a total of six free throws from the 6-metre circle at this point. The team managed to lead by 1:7. After that, the hosts found their attacking rhythm. This led to a balanced game until halftime, when our team led by 7:14.

20:27 Victory

After the break it continued as before. Both teams played equally well and the boys were never in danger of losing the match. After a temporary 10-goal lead, an away win was eventually achieved with a score of 20:27.

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