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A cargo ship sank in the Red Sea after the Houthi attack

A cargo ship sank in the Red Sea after the Houthi attack

A commercial ship threatened to sink in the Red Sea after an attack by the Yemeni Houthi militia. UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) said yesterday that after the crew was evacuated, the ship was drifting unmanned off the coast of Djibouti. At the beginning of March, a cargo ship sank and was severely damaged after a Houthi attack.

According to US Central Command, the Yemeni militia attacked the ship with two cruise missiles on Thursday. The cargo ship “Verbena” – operated by a Polish company and owned by Ukraine – was on its way to Italy, carrying construction materials. The attack caused a fire. First, a seriously injured sailor was removed from the plane. A Houthi military spokesman confirmed that the militia attacked “Al-Raisna.”

The crew left the ship

According to previous reports from UKMTO, the crew managed to get the fire under control and continued their journey to the next scheduled stop. Eventually the crew was taken to safety and the ship was abandoned.

One of the most important shipping routes for global trade passes through the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. In recent months, the Houthis have repeatedly attacked civilian cargo ships there. According to its own statements, the militia acts in solidarity with the extremist Islamic movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Therefore, the United States, Great Britain, and their allies repeatedly attack Houthi targets in Yemen.

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