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A fresh start for all the fanatics in Salzburg «

A fresh start for all the fanatics in Salzburg «

Announcing the upcoming Salzburg Festival: Rehearsals for the “Jedermann” have already begun.

5:38 PM, June 14, 2021


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In summer, all eyes will be on you: Verena Altenburger and Lars Edinger. © SF / Anne Zeuner

With the flash of the searchlight, everyone is today Lars Edinger and active Verena Altenburger Received in Salzburg. Begin exercises for Jedermann resume. Thus, the director Mikhail Storminger And Acting Director Betina Hering Along with the Salzburg Festival directors, Helga Rabel Stadler, Markus Hinterhauser and Lukas Kripaz, the new dream couple on the press balcony.

At the beginning of July, the group, newly cast in several important roles, will give a detailed account of their training experiences at a press conference. But now there is an intense rehearsal stage on the rehearsal stage, while the stage and amphitheater are being prepared on Domplatz.