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A journey with Tom Cruise as a pilot becomes a horror journey for James Corden

A journey with Tom Cruise as a pilot becomes a horror journey for James Corden

“But you’re not a pilot, you’re an actor,” Corden told Cruz, who got his pilot’s license in 1994. Cruz manages to reassure the presenter a little when he assures him that he has flown planes before. However, Corden doesn’t seem really comfortable with the idea of ​​being at the mercy of the high-altitude actor.

“I also played a lawyer in Few Good Men, but I don’t want you to represent me in court,” he jokes, going on to recount concerns about flying a “75-year-old plane” with someone who isn’t a professional pilot. Even Corden He tries to escape from Cruise, but then reluctantly agrees to fly together.But he actually finds the fighter plane ride “scary,” he reveals.

When Corden is finally in the cockpit, Tom Cruise explains all the safety measures, including how to use a parachute to land safely if she loses her engine to a fire or some other unlikely scenario — which doesn’t seem particularly reassuring to Corden. “So when you say engine lost, do you mean engine lost?”

When Cruise flew over the desert with Corden shortly after, he held a sign that read “Help Me” – which means “help.” Suddenly, a second plane starts chasing their jet, which is why Cruise has to dodge with skillful flight maneuvers – while a terrified passenger starts screaming in fear. After the bumpy ride, Corden looks like he has an upset stomach when he gets back on his feet on solid ground. Exhausted from exhaustion, he told his friend that he didn’t think this was his “perfect place for a fun day out”.

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