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Nanda Noyerur: ‘A little dream come true’

Nanda Noyerur: ‘A little dream come true’

Nenda Neururer in List: Tyrolean actress and musician, who has lived in London for several years, has not only made a name for herself with hip-hop songs, but also in the Sky series from May 27. Rise”. She plays Alex, who is one of the few who can see the deceased main character Neff (Clara Rogard) and support her in the search for her killers.

Neururer described her first impression of the script in an interview with APA: “The mood is very vague.” The site of the small village, where everyone knows everyone, reminded her of her homeland. “Somehow, I realize that is where I grew up. Everyone knows each other too. In that regard, I have been able to put myself in their shoes. And Alex is a woman who returns to this village after a difficult time.”

There, however, I realized that there is nothing the same as before. “You won’t find out until later what exactly happened to her,” Neururer didn’t want to reveal much. “But it’s all different for her when she comes back. It’s really hard for her, even though she wants to make things right – only people are against her.” As a character, Alex is ultimately “completely different from me: She’s much braver and takes things with a lot more empathy. I wouldn’t have the patience for that,” Niorur laughed.

You have not yet seen the Belgian model of the “Room 108” series, but this must be compensated. “I didn’t want to be affected by the performance or the story beforehand,” Neurorer emphasized. “Of course you don’t want to imitate or copy something.” The chemistry on set worked perfectly, as evidenced by numerous Instagram photos taken by Neuurer and Ruggard. “I couldn’t have asked for anything better,” said the enthusiastic actress. “We immediately understood each other, which is not normal.”

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There was also a spring reunion at the Berlinale, where “The Rising” was presented at the film festival. “A little dream came true for me,” said Neurorer. “I’ve always wanted to go to the Berlinale. It was great that so many actors were able to come.” “And after watching the series on the giant screen, it was very special.” Tick ​​the bucket list of the charming artist.

Another could follow in the future, as Neururer continues to work hard on her music and plans an EP. With the songs “Mixed Feelings” and “Borders”, she has already received a lot of broadcasts on FM4, and there is also a lot of support from Austria and Germany. He laughed “As an actress, the script is given to you, a lot of people have an opinion. Of course you can put something in it yourself, but you can’t really decide that much. But I’m a bit of a control freak.” Neururer, “And I can live that with music.”

The fact that it is very social and political in terms of subject matter does not mean that it always has to be that way. “Every music, every art has its value. For me, it is important to process things and perhaps encourage other people who can identify with them. This is very important to me now. But a song can also be written about my favorite shoes,” she laughed heartily.