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A mother and daughter have been living in a McDonald's branch for months (photos)

A mother and daughter have been living in a McDonald's branch for months (photos)

(Photo: Facebook/SOS Mesquita RJ)

Families everywhere are looking for ways to deal with rising housing costs. A particularly unusual case occurred in Brazil, where a mother and daughter made a McDonald's branch their temporary home.

An unusual shelter

At a Brazilian McDonald's, 64-year-old Susan Paula Moratoni Geremia and her 31-year-old daughter Bruna Muratori Geremia found not only a place to eat, but a place to live. The two women spent almost all of their time there for more than three months until the restaurant closed. Between 5 and 10 a.m., they both sleep on the street in front of the restaurant and wait for it to reopen.

Adapt to circumstances

Wanting to stay in a homeless shelter is not a problem for either of them. They prefer fast food restaurants as a place to stay, even if it means living mainly on burgers – which they always pay for. A family member from Great Britain supports her financially, but this is not enough to rent an apartment.

Find safety and acceptance

Despite the unstable situation, the family is not disturbed by their current living situation. “It's peaceful here and I feel safe and welcome,” the daughter told CBN. “The staff has treated us very well so far.” They hope to eventually find an affordable apartment near the restaurant.

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Offers assistance and independence

Susan and Brona had already received several offers of help, but they turned them down. They always present themselves well and equipped and take advantage of the hospitality of the residents who allow them to use their baths. The attention they receive surprises them, because they do not consider their lifestyle exceptional. “The regime simply conspired against us and we did not want to be in the spotlight.”