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A new battery that withstands extreme cold and heat

A new battery that withstands extreme cold and heat

researchers University of California San Diego You have a new one Lithium-ion battery Developer works even in extreme temperatures. Liquid solution is critical to this Dibutyl ether and one lithium salt.

Dibutyl ether bond molecules According to Tech Networks Weak only in lithium-ion, which improves battery performance in freezing temperatures. But even when it’s hot, the solution remains liquid and works well.

Greater range on a single charge

Tests on prototypes have shown that new batteries are at temperatures below 40°C 97.5 percent of its storage capacity. It was plus 50 degrees Celsius 115.9%. Such batteries could enable electronic vehicles in a very cold environment to go significantly further on a single battery charge compared to current products, the researcher says. Cheng Chen.

The use of cooling systems, which protect batteries from overheating in hot areas, will also be reduced with new batteries. The first tests also showed a longer life cycle compared to conventional batteries.

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