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POD: first metadatabase


SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ — The Onchain Public Database — also known as POD — is launching today to make working with metaverse data easier and more accessible. POD is a Web3 project that collects and manages all metadata (metadata) in a single interface for developers, builders, and users.

Because as the metaverse expands, so do the challenges when working with data distributed across multiple sites. In order for the Metaverse to scale and for decentralized applications to work, there must be a reliable platform for third-party data collaboration.

POD is the first comprehensive metadatabase to meet these requirements. From collaboration tools to bots to automation, POD creates a data-rich ecosystem for users of Metaversum and Web3.

The three problem areas of metadata management

Every object in the metaverse is primarily made up of metadata. Address, ID, Transaction, or NFT includes all forms of metadata.

Here are the top three metadata problems that POD solves:

hard to find

On-chain data is scattered into nodes on different networks. So far, contracts have not been able to get all the data from a single common environment.

Difficult to communicate with each other

Because of non-relational storage, it is difficult to trace the relationship between two entities or assign entities to their metadata.

difficult to use

Each network or application has its own way of transmitting data. Therefore, data from different sources must be pre-processed before you can work at the same time.

Why do we need a metadata database?

In order to solve the current blockchain data problems, POD has been developed as a third-party provider-neutral data intermediary, which provides important functionality and further develops the full potential of metadata.

Benefits for Data Providers

* Improved data search capability

* Provide a data compliance system

* NFT reinforcement with infinite scalability

Benefits for data consumers

* Quick access to multi-chain data

* Simple definition of a data class

* Tags for data management

For example, but not limited. With its powerful functions and numerous advantages, POD will simplify the work with the metadata of all participants in Web3 Metaversum and make it more efficient.

the future

The goal of the POD is to bring together different parties and build a collaborative dialogue to inspire a decentralized society. Together, the POD can achieve an organically agreed data collaboration standard using a bottom-up process.

Part of POD’s vision is also to drive consensus in metadata collaboration and to become an essential part of the Web3 data infrastructure. POD unlocks the value of blockchain data and networks and creates entirely new services from the Web3 ecosystem for data collaboration.

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