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A new patent shows a strange design – SHOCK2

A new patent shows a strange design – SHOCK2

Nintendo Nintendo hasn’t officially announced the Nintendo Switch 2 yet, but new patent images could already give a glimpse into the design of the upcoming console. The patent shows an angular device without a Joy-Con, with only an analog stick on the left side and four buttons on the right. There are only two shoulder buttons instead of four like on the Switch. The home button has been moved to the bottom.

This design surprises many fans. The Nintendo Switch is known for its modular design, where the Joy-Con controllers can be detached and used separately. However, the new patent shows a device that looks very similar to a traditional controller.

The number of buttons is also unusual. Just six regular buttons to play and only one analog stick isn’t enough for many fans.

Nintendo has not yet commented on the patent images. So it is possible that the design shown is not the final design of the Nintendo Switch 2.

sources): Jörn Schmidt/guimarant

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