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How is the AI ​​pillow supposed to prevent snoring?

How is the AI ​​pillow supposed to prevent snoring?

on CES In Las Vegas this year, one pillow received a lot of attention. the “Motion pillow“At the Technology Expo. A pillow can make life easier for many people because it is meant to protect against them Snoring Helps.

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The device listens when you snore

Behind the memory foam pillow is an advanced cushion Three-part system. A device placed near the bed measures NoiseCaused by someone while sleeping. It can distinguish between snoring or other noises. If he detects a real snoring sound, he will do so bandage Enabled. This then slowly inflates, forcing the snorer to turn their head to the side. the Side sleeping position Prevents snoring.

The third part of the system is A programIt is available for Android and Apple. You can then find out how often you snore and how long you snore. The app also indicates whether the pillow should be activated to stop snoring. If you want to know exactly, you can even go there Audio recordings listen to this.

According to clinical studies 94% of people who tested the pillow snored less. the Innovation Award I also received the product because a lot of people snore and find it a burden.

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