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A new week brings warm weather and the risk of severe weather – Vienna Online – Austria

A new week brings warm weather and the risk of severe weather – Vienna Online – Austria

Next week’s weather brings an increased risk of thunderstorms.
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The new week is slowly cooling down and there is an increasing risk of bad weather in Austria.

The coming week will bring Austria at first a slight drop in temperature and in the second half of the week a fault zone with thunderstorms. According to forecasts by Geosphere Austria (formerly ZAMG), temperatures at the beginning of the week “only” reach 33 degrees, towards the end of the week the thermometer may not quite reach 30 degrees.

Weather: Heat is slowly dropping, risk of severe weather on Wednesday

In detail: On Monday, fields of clouds will be noticeable from the west and northwest from early morning and on the northern edge of the Alps as well as in the north and east there will be a few showers, some thundershowers, in the morning. The day begins to be consistently sunny in the south and southeast. But during the day, sunny weather prevails in the north and east during the day, while in other places in the mountains the chance of thunderstorms with cumulonimbus clouds increases significantly in the afternoon. Winds blow moderate to fast in the north and east from west to northwest. Morning temperatures range from 15 to 23 degrees, and daily maximum temperatures are from 28 to 33 degrees.

Sunshine on Tuesday: The temperature drops only slowly

On Tuesday, the sun will prevail over large parts of the country. The clouds remaining from the night bring the last showers in the east, but the sun shines here all day. Everywhere else, the day usually starts off fairly dry and sunny, but cumulonimbus clouds in the afternoon bring showers and thunderstorms, especially in the mountains. The wind blows moderately in parts and shifts from west to southeast to south during the day. From 16 to 21 degrees in the morning, the values ​​\u200b\u200brise to 28 to 33 degrees.

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Severe weather risk on Wednesday

Warm, moist air will cause unsettled weather in the Eastern Alps on Wednesday. With partly strong cumulonimbus clouds, showers and thunderstorms will descend again and again across the country into the evening. The winds come from the southwest to the west and blow moderately to quickly in the north and east. It brings early temperatures from 15 to 21 degrees, and daily maximum temperatures from 27 to 33 degrees.

Thursday break

The impact of the disturbance continues to cause changes in the weather Thursday. Sunny sections are frequently followed by dense clouds, and there are local showers and scattered thunderstorms, especially in the mountains and in the south and southeast. In addition, there will be winds from west to northwest, weak to moderate in speed, and sometimes brisk in the east. The temperature ranges from 13 to 22 degrees in the morning and goes up to 24 to 31 degrees during the day. The weather gets warmer in the east.

Unstable weather on Friday

Also on Friday, the rift zone over Austria continues to cause unstable weather. The sun is over and over again partially obscured by rising cumulonimbus clouds. These often develop into thunderstorms. Danger This is the lowest from Flachgau to Mühlviertel. Outside of the thunderstorms, light to moderate winds are blowing mostly from the southwest to the northwest. Morning temperatures range from 12 to 20 degrees, and daily maximums reach 24 degrees in the west and 29 degrees in the east.

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Record temperature in the Mediterranean

While Austria is battling severe thunderstorms, a record heat wave is in full swing in large parts of the Mediterranean region. Southeast Spain, Italy and Greece are particularly affected. Highs of 35-45 degrees are the order of the day here at the moment. The peak is expected between Tuesday and Wednesday. In Rome, for example, a record 41°C is within reach, and even the European heat record of 48.8° (set in Sicily in August 2021) could stumble between southern Italy and Greece. From today’s perspective, it should also be at least a good week before temperatures in these areas approach the seasonal average again.