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An Italian bishop sets the alarm wrong and misses…

An Italian bishop sets the alarm wrong and misses…

Corrado Pizziolo wanted to sleep a little after supper. He was woken up only by his assistant knocking on his door. But by then, it was already too late for the mass he was going to embrace.

An Italian bishop misjudged him and missed the traditional Christmas Eve midnight mass he should have celebrated. Corrado Pizziolo, the bishop of Vittorio Veneto in the northern Italian region of Veneto, told the faithful he was very sorry he had let them down.

Pizziolo explained that he had accidentally set the alarm for 10.50am instead of 10.50pm after deciding to get some sleep after dinner. The bishop said, “Once I heard a knock at the door and an assistant came in who was worried that something might happen to me.”

Then it’s too late to get to the service on time. So Mirko Mioto, head of the Diocesan Office of Mass, celebrated it. When the bishop appeared after the liturgy, he apologized to the faithful. He commented, “We should not be afraid of our weaknesses.”


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