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A note on implementation for PlayStation 4

A note on implementation for PlayStation 4

Excellent role-playing game Hades (from 54,00€ in To buyCurrently only available on PC (Epic Games Store and Steam) and Nintendo Switch. The long-awaited implementation of other console platforms appears to be approaching, because the Korean Games Evaluation and Administration Committee has given the game an age rating for the PlayStation 4 release that has not yet been officially announced on April 30, 2021 (To the siteAnd the Those). It is the first concrete indication of the PS4’s implementation.

Such “leaks” by age rating organizations are usually quite reliable and credible – as is the case with Sunset Overdrive or Octopat Traveler. The “Korea Games Classification and Management Committee” is comparable in principle to the German USK. As a government organization, it distributes age posters for computer and video games released in Korea.

Hades for PC and Switch was released on September 17, 2020. For testing: No! Not like a rogue again! These were my first thoughts after declaring Hell. But far from it: Supergiant Games studio once again showcases its Premium Class and cuts through many classic weaknesses with exciting battles and creative story tricks – why Hades is such an exceptional game, The test detects.

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